Before starting the course

Are there any technical requirements for the completion of the course?

For the execution of the courses, it is necessary to have a personal computer with a standard web browser: Mozilla FireFox v.35, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 or higher. 

It is very important to activate Javascript and disable the pop-up blocker. 

In the event that any course needs a specific requirement, the teacher will notify it at the introduction of the course.

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Are there any prior requirements and materials for realizing the course?

In the course file, in the bottom right, you can find the necessary knowledge for the completion of the course. 

 The necessary materials for the completion of the course, are found within the different modules in which the course is divided, as well as the various videos and complementary materials.

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How much time is necessary to devote to a course?

It depends on each course. We recommend you review the introduction video and the module 0 where the teaching team explain what dedication the course requires and information related to the course. Usually the dedication varies between 2 and 5 hours per week.

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