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How Miríadax works
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    Choose from hundreds of online courses: humanities, business, languages, health, technology, among others.
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    Join the course, learn through videos, projects and contact thousands of students.
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    Get recognition for your work with our certificates and share your success with friends, colleagues and employers.
Share your learning with a Certificate of Achievement

Sometimes we want to take a course only for the satisfaction of learning something new, other times we need to demonstrate the skills acquired to companies, future employers or other institutions.

The Miríadax Certificate of Achievement provides detailed information about the course, the organisation, the professionals who taught it and the achievements of the work carried out during the course.

To get the Certificate of Achievement you must complete 100% of the course and after the payment of €40 | $44, you can find it in your profile and share it with the world.  Also with a simple click anyone can verify that your certificate is legitimate and thus guarantee that you have the associated achievement.

  • Share your achievements and guarantees its legitimacy
    Use the link to securely share your certification with whoever you want and with the information you decide.
  • Linkedin integration
    With a single click let your network of contacts know that you are still studying and that you are looking for excellence.
  • Print it or save it as PDF
    Use the functionality of safeguarding to have a physical copy of the certificate, because sometimes paper is also important.